Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Picture preview...

We got our proofs back for our family pictures. Here's a preview of some of my favorites!There are so many good shots that it's going to be hard to choose!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Look who I met...

That's right, Mr. LaVell Edwards! Bryan was given tickets to the BYU/Utah game (which was a terrible game, but we wont go there). While he was in the Will Call line I looked over and saw LaVell Edwards standing in a line too. Rumor has it that he printed off the wrong tickets so had to go pick up the correct ones. You would think that he wouldn't even need a ticket to get into the stadium that has his name on it, but I guess he does. There were a few people asking for pictures so I did too. A lady standing next to me offered to take it with my phone camera (which is why it is not great). Bryan was pretty surprised when I showed him that not only did a get a picture of him but that I was in it too. LaVell Edwards was a great coach and I was honored to be able to meet him!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer trip #1

Our first summer trip of 2011 was to Wyoming. I konw, doesn't sound too exciting but we actually had a really good time. It was mostly a church history trip. We went to see Independence Rock, Devils Gate, the Sweetwater River, and Martins Cove. Before we went, we had our kids do little research papers on these 4 location. They shared what they had learned for Family Home Evening. Since they had learned about these places before hand, they were all really excited to see them in person. It was like a mini-trek. We left our house early Friday morning. It took about 5 hours to get to our hotel and another hour to get to our first stop...
Bryan's great-great-great grandfather Perigrine Sessions carved his name in Independence Rock. We walked around the whole thing and couldn't find it. We did see many other names including this one...

Our next stop was The Martin's Cove visitors center. We picked out a handcart and trekked to Martin's Cove. While in the Cove, the Missionary there read us the story of Bryan's great-great-great grandmother Sarah Crossley. She was a member of the Martin handcart company. If you'd like, you can read her story here.
We really couldn't do much with the Sweetwater River. It was spilling over it's banks while we were there from all the rain we had been getting. We did walk on a trail next to it and crossed a bridge over it, but we weren't able to get in to cross it.

The last place we saw was Devils Gate. It's where the Sweetwater river carved a cleft in the rocks. Many pioneers traveling west would stop here to climb around the rocks. After finishing up at the Visitors Center, we drove back to our hotel, swam in the pool, and slept. The next day we visited an old prison in the town we were staying in and then drove home. Like I said, short and sweet, and well worth it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of school

The first day of school came and went with no crying done by me (or the kids for that matter!). Call me a bad mother if you wish but I celebrate and look forward to the start of a new school year. My kids need routines and early bedtimes which are definitely lacking during the summer months. This year Anna is a sophomore, Ellie's in 6th, Tyler's in 2nd, and Kate is in a home preschool group. Here are their first day of school pictures, a tradition in our house! (FYI- Tyler's in the awkward big front teeth stage and doesn't know how to smile with them yet- poor kid!)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer vacation...

has finally and officially ended. So I guess it's time for me to get my act together and start posting again. It's in the works, just give me a few days. While you're waiting you can enjoy this lovely picture. My Aunt Trudy visited for a day this summer and we took the kids to the Tracy Aviary. Nutty kids!